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A lease plan is an accurate drawing which identifies a leasehold demise within a property.

For the sale of your property you may be required to have a Lease Plan. if you require Land Registry compliant Lease Plans for your property, residential or commercial, then please get in touch. Our Plans will be drawn accurately and include all the necessary and legal requirements. These include, A scaled floor plan, North Point, Site plan and Coloured lines reflecting different demises within the property


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Ordanance Survey Location Map

As the regulations state an Ordanance Survey location map must be present on all Lease Plans. We ensure this is present and at the required scale with the outline of the Property demise.


By The Book

We follow the Land Registry regulations and ensure that the Lease plans are Land Registry compliant


The all important scale

With varying scales associated with floor plans, we ensure the correct scale associated with the Lease Plan in question is correct.