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Interactive & Virtual Floor Plans for Estate Agents in London

Professional  virtual floor plans for sellers, estate agents & landlords  in CGI 3D & other formats. Interactive 3D scanning for interiors & exteriors.

Interactive & Virtual Floor Plans

DJD are pleased to announce their new 3d Scanning service Virtual Visit.   This new technology has been developed in the US revolutionising the Real Estate Market and DJD are one of the first companies to bring the technology to the UK.  The output allows the viewer to experience a property just like they were there in person.  On any device,  a viewer can navigate around the property in a clear and informative way that gives a deep understanding of the property. It is cutting edge technology that without a doubt will be used more and more for marketing, especially for high-end properties, where many potential buyers will be from overseas Virtually Visiting the building.

A property can be scanned in a morning with the 3d viewable file ready later that day
and able to be hosted on a website and viewable within a portal.

The button in the bottom left changes the view which can give you a “dollhouse” or “floor plan” view, but you can easily navigate your way around the property, which is the next best thing to actually viewing it in reality.

If you would like to enquire about how Virtual Visit can assist your sales process please contact our director Gregg.

Gregg Stone
07740 575 801

full screen version HERE